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 Assam is a beautiful land of red river and blue hills, green tea and black oil, rarest of flora and fauna, exotic wild life and a cultural heritage of India. The original name of Assam was Asom. The Ahoms ruled Assam for more than six hundred years till the 19th century.
With its great sensitivity to the nature, Assam is aptly referred to as the place of Red Rivers and Blue mountains. Today's Assam is an all new meeting place of times past, times present and times future. It is an indeed an amazing amalgamation of tradition and culture, style and splendour, warmth and feelings, beauty and nature, comfort and convenience... virtually everything the modern tourist could expect, to sooth his thirst for natural beauty.
Few other places in India look as fresh and vibrant as Assam with so much of greenery, cool and soothing, lush and luring. Assam is identified by its Bihu songs and dances, the Kaziranga Wild Life Sanctuary where the rare one-horned rhinoceros roams at will and silks such as 'paat' and 'muga' which rank amongst the finest in the world. The state's tea, which finds its way to millions of homes all over the globe and the Shrine of Kamakhya which, draws thousands of devotees every year. Assam is the land of wooded hills and vales. With Brahmaputra river meandering through, sprawling tea gardens, enticing songs and dances, fine silks, the state is a must on the itinerary of international as well as Indian tourists. Each place of the Assam has something celestial and amazing diversity to offer. Journey through this land is bound to stir up your mind and stimulate you to see more, learn more. Many call it a land of magic and ethreal. Some call it a green paradise. As the most vibrant part of the North Eastern India, Assam combines so many and such varied passions and beauties that one has to take a pause atleast for its praise. People have always been drawn here. It is a wonderful place to live in and to celebrate the colourful festivals of all seasons.
The unspoilt hilly terrains of the state are ideal for hiking and trekking and numerous waterways with rapidly cascading falls offer magnificent opportunity for adventure tourism like boating, sailing, rafting, canoeing and kiaking.


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