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About Biswajit Barooah

Biswajit Barooah by choice a Lawyer and by interest an author of repute is well known to readers and critics alike for his distinctive lucidity and thought provoking handling of issues that are pertinent not only to the context of Assam but India at large as well. He is currently the Associate Editor of The Brahmaputra Times which has been renamed as

It is indeed remarkable that despite his busy unlike vocation he has been credited with the publication of several books written in diverse genres.Among his books mentioned may be made of Oitijyamondita Dibrugarh(The Glorious Dibrugarh),Axomor Chah-Teze Likha Itihax(Rise and Fall of Assam Tea),Eta Dasakar Axom(Assam of a decade)which display Barooah's concerns with the crucial issues of this part of the nation.Apart from his non-fictional works,Barooah has written many novels that have received tremendous response from the readers.

Novel like Swarga Martya Patal,Punarjanam,Agnisakshi,Bisforan(Collection of stories),Kantak Upahaar,Jetuka Pator Hipare Abelir Beli, Juiwe Pura Hiya,Prasir,Jabwanbondi,Apitaf,Satya Gotona etc..are only some of them which have enriched the treasure of Assamese literature.He has,furthermore,explored the vistas of short stories and stories like Bharir Talor Prithivi,Nari Rahasyamoyee etc.exemplify enough his mastery over the art form.In addition to all of it, he writes regularly as a coloumnist in various newspapers like Asomiya Pratidin, Sadin, Dainik Janambhumi, Amar Asom,Dainik Asom etc...

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