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Dhuburi, the headquarters of the Dhuburi district, is the western most town of the State. Interwoven with legends and history, this peninsular landmass continued to be an outpost and a river-post for the travelers from east and west who from time immemorial plied along the all-weather navigable Brahmaputra.
Dhuburi exists where the Brahmaputra takes its southward elbow turn, to enter Bangladesh. It has a rare scenic beauty. It is associated with the Beula-Lakhinder episode, a legend found associated with several other places of Assam.


The Gurdwara

Dhuburi also associated with the 10th Sikh Guru Teg Bahadur Singh, who with his regiment, accompanied the Mughal General Ram Singh in his invasion of Assam in AD 1669 and established the first Gurdwara of this region at the highest spot of this town. Of late, the old Gurdwara has been replaced by a magnificent one which can be seen from several kilometers away all around.

Panchpeer Dargah

The Panchpeer Dargah is a shrine built over the mortal remains of five Mohammedan Saints who visited Assam in the 17th century AD. Though a Muslim Dargah, it is equally venerated by Hindus and Muslims.


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