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Majuli island is world's largest river island located 12 kms from Jorhat in the middle of river Brahmaputra. There is regular ferry service from Neamati Ghat to the island. The main attraction of Majuli is its Satras. Majuli is famous for satras only, there are 665 Satras in Assam; out of them 65 satras are situated in Majuli.

Far from the hue and cry of modern day city life, in a purely peaceful surrounding of nature in a zero industry zone, with an unparalleled spiritual ambience, Majuli is homeland to 1.60 Lakhs people, mostly belonging to backward and tribal communities. All these communities live in perfect harmony with nature, by practicing their own traditional lifestyles. The islanders are very much devoted to art and culture. Handicrafts, Handloom, Boat making, Cane and Bamboocraft thrived here traditionally. World famous MIRIZIM and KINGKHAP BALICHORI are some of the famous items of the looms of Majuli. Mask making in the Satras, and pottery making by Kumar people as their livelihood is still going on in the old traditional way of Harappan age and marketed in the old Barter system up till now.

Majuli is the birth place of Vaishnava Satras. Vaishnava Satras was founded by Sandardeva in the fifteenth century at Majuli. First 'Satra' was founded in Majuli. From "Manikanchan Sanjog" there had been sixty five "Satras" growing up for propagation of ethics and socio-cultural ideals. But at present there are only twenty-two "Satras" in Majuli. The other had to be shifted to other safer places due to devastation of flood and erosion. Among those the main existing "Satras" are Kamalabari, Natun Kamalabari, Garmur, Samoguri, Auniati, Dakhinpat and Bengenaati "Satras". These "Satras" are the treasure house of "Borgeet", Matiakhara, Jumora dance, Chali dance, Notua dance, Nande vringee, Sutradhar, Ozapali, Apsara dance, Satria Krishna dance, Dasavater dance etc. Which were contributed by Shri Shri Shankardeva.
Several colourful festivals are celebrated by missing Tribals. The PAL NAAM, a huge Mela helds at the end of Autumn at Auniati Satra at Majuli. Another Sonowal Kacharis tribe celebrates a festival 'Bathow Puja' to worship Lord Shiva. A tourist can reach Majuli by three main routes. The first route is Jorhat Nimatighat from Jorhat. The second route is Dhokuakhana from Dhemaji. The third main route is Khabolughat from North Lakhimpur.



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